Behind the Tide, a film by Romain Juchereau

Aug 28, 2014



Smith + Holland is proud to support our brand ambassador, Romain Juchereau, and his new film, Behind The Tide.  The documentary provides us with a window into the surf culture of the independent artists and craft makers involved in surf photography, art, and shaping and glassing surfboards from around the world.  Travel through Australia, Cornwall and France as you follow Romain on his journey. Behind the Tide will be released in Fall 2014.


Featuring surfers : Nathan Oldfield, Thomas Bexon, Dane Peterson, Joe Davies, James Parry, Mick Rodgers, Michael Lay, Mitch Surman, Bonnie Hall, Fred and Lily Branger 
Shapers : Tom Wegener, Thomas Bexon, James Otter 
Artists: Karl Mackie, Ben cook, Pauline Beugniot, Muju studio 


To see more of Romain's work, please visit