Australia's Sunshine Coast - Moffat Beach

Oct 14, 2013


Moffat Beach - Caloundra, Australia    

As the weather starts to cool on this side of the hemisphere, we turn our thoughts to warmer destinations around the world.  The Sunshine Coast in Australia, located along the Southeastern coast of Queensland, is famed for its warm weather that can be enjoyed year-round and for its stunning beaches.

The Sunshine Coast starts in the town of Noosa to the north and ends around Caloundra, the coast’s most Southern surfing town.  Moffat Beach is home to one of the many breaks found in Caloundra and is known for its rolling right-handers, making it a popular break for longboard riders during small to medium swells. However, surfers can find powerful barreling waves breaking over reef during large swell periods. 

The town itself offers its own attractions including a low-key atmosphere, friendly locals and restaurants and cafes overlooking the beach. The combination of fun waves and a relaxing town make Moffat Beach an enticing destination during the long winter months ahead.

 Photo Credit:  Romain Juchereau