We are an independent brand committed to providing quality products for the beach and surf lifestyle. Our design sensibility and our earth-conscious attitude are apparent in everything we do, from the materials we use to the impact we make on people and the planet.


We work hard to find and use the most innovative and low-impact materials to produce our goods. The frame and lenses of our eyewear are composed of a lightweight bio-plastic material made from a renewable plant resource.  Our leather is always vegetable-tanned, and our fabrics are organic, recycled or locally-sourced.  We print using water or soy-based inks. 


We are also thoughtful in our approach to design, crafting our products with quality, durability and comfort in mind. We strive to incorporate original design elements and labor over every detail of our products until they are just right. And lastly, we value simplicity and timelessness instead of following the latest trends.  As our product line grows, we will be continue to adhere to these same principles.


As part of a global community committed to being good stewards of the planet, we donate a portion of every sale to ecologically responsible projects that protect our waters and beaches worldwide. Smith + Holland currently supports Surfrider Foundation's NYC Chapter and Stoked Mentoring.


Founded by local surfers Pete Smith and Bob Holland in the 1960’s, Smith and Holland was the first surf shop of its kind in the East Coast town of Virginia Beach. Today, the name is reborn, thus preserving in some small way the history of the town where East Coast surfing began. We aim to honor their legacy by respecting the past while also preserving for the future.



Site by Studio Birdsall

Lookbook photography by Paul Brooke and Brian W. Ferry.

Product photography by Rebecca Black and Bryon Summers.

Videography and photo editing by Miguel Angel Rios.

Eyewear designed in collaboration with Ateliersavant.